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Are you maximizing your Performance Potential?


Despite an abundance of data and content, most decision makers act without the right information and insight. Organizations that connect people with trusted, relevant information and foster a fact-based culture are able to confidently predict, plan and act to optimize business outcomes. They are using Business Analytics and Optimization (BAO) solutions to become analytics-driven organizations.

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Smarter software affects almost everything we do. How we work, How we live. How we eat. How we shop, travel, learn. You name it. But how can we truly understand and experience what smarter software does? How it works and how it can help us and our planet?

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SON Systems takes a unique, holistic approach to Corporate Performance Management (CPM) based on the integration of industry best practices with an enterprise architecture platform, delivering a solution for aligning strategy with execution, and maximizing Profitability, Productivity and Performance.

Our world class experts leverage their proven ability to integrate the industry-leading Enterprise Planning and Business Intelligence software solutions of our strategic partners with enterprise collaboration and personalization tools to assist our clients in achieving the full potential of their business process environment.

Performance|Portal is our web-based, knowledge management solution providing a self-serviced, single point of entry to the enterprise knowledge base, through which multiple constituents can interact and transact in alignment with the strategic intent of the organization.

The Scorecard|Xpress solution is designed to guide the agreement, alignment and communication of key strategy-focused metrics for a targeted management team within the organization.

We provide our clients with a proven and effective approach to CPM. During a 90-day Rapid Results Implementation Cycle, using our CORE Methodology in conjunction with our Performance|Portal, our experts work with clients to jump start and accelerate the delivery of their CPM initiatives.

Components of the CORE Methodology include:

• Balanced Scorecard
• Enterprise Planning
• Business Intelligence
• Data Warehousing

Download SON Systems' featured white paper, The Business Intelligence Competency Center (BICC), and learn how a BICC initiative will increase collaboration between business and IT, reduce business intelligence costs and promote more effective decision making across the enterprise.

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