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Company Overview


Company Overview


SON Systems International, Inc. is a premier innovator and provider of Corporate Performance Management and Business Intelligence Services and Solutions. Headquartered in Philadelphia, PA, SON Systems provides services for clients nationwide.

Since our founding in 1984, we have focused on building value by emphasizing execution as well as strategy. Many organizations believe that once a strategy is conceived, most of the critical work is complete. SON Systems, however, believes that it is only the beginning of the journey to realize the full performance potential inherent in world class enterprises.

By leveraging a combination of the industry-leading Enterprise Planning, Business Intelligence and Collaboration software solutions of our strategic partners, and our world-class Consultants, we have been able to create cutting edge implementations for some of the largest global organizations, as well as a wide variety of small and mid-sized companies.

Our methodology is designed to deliver rapid results that sustain momentum and lead to long term success. Our expert teams perform with integrity and quality, above all else. With a focus on collaboration, we break through performance barriers that stifle innovation.

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