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SON Systems' consultants work closely with clients to define the Technology Strategy that will provide pragmatic solutions to support the Business Strategy. In particular, they focus on a structured, holistic approach that will properly align a technology solution to the business, ultimately providing an optimum technology service that is capable of Propelling Enterprise Performance.

SON Systems' network of expert, seasoned professionals function as high performing, collaborative teams, within a client's infrastructure.  As trusted advisors to our clients, our focus is on providing Balanced Scorecard, Enterprise Planning and Business Intelligence services, with an emphasis on Corporate Performance Management (CPM).

Our commitment to providing the absolute best services for our clients has enabled us to establish a twenty year track record of excellence which few in the industry can boast. DuPont, GE, Bausch & Lomb, Motorola, Merck, the U.S. Navy and Verizon are just a few of the organizations that have called on SON Systems to address their CPM and BI needs.

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