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CORE Methodology


Early software development initiatives were often marred by low customer satisfaction resulting from high cost, low reliability and unacceptable schedule delays. Great steps forward towards a more disciplined approach were taken in the early 1970's with the introduction of software development methodologies. Of note was the 'waterfall' approach, so named because it could be represented in a cascade - from capturing requirements, to analysis and design, to programming and testing to deployment to the client - in a strict, planned sequence.

This methodology is still in common use, despite the difficulty and expense involved in reacting to changes in requirements or in instances where the clients are unable to easily define what they want.

In contrast, SON Systems' proprietary CORE (Collaborate on Results Excellence) Methodology is based on aggressive iterative techniques that place the emphasis on building releasable software in short time periods, and the early delivery of business value. Our 90-Day Rapid Results Implementation Cycle is focused on the delivery of quick wins that maintain momentum.

Our CORE Methodology is a proven approach to refining business processes, driven by strategy to deliver business value. As executed by high performance teams, techniques that support effective design, prototyping and development are used to continually improve and/or add business functionality throughout the life of a project.

SON Systems CORE Methodology is the framework upon which we deliver solutions related to:

• Corporate Performance Management (Performance|Portal)
• Balanced Scorecards
• Data Warehousing
• Enterprise Planning
• Business Intelligence

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