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Traditional financial measures of performance have typically been limited to telling the story of past events, and have been inadequate to guide and evaluate the journey a company must make to create future value. The principles underlying the Balanced Scorecard Methodology are all based on the fact that you can't improve what you can't measure.

A Balanced Scorecard provides a clear prescription at to what companies should measure to balance the financial perspective. It is the Enterprise Solution for creating, managing, presenting and delivering key performance metrics, ensuring the ability of departmental teams to quickly analyze how their business can progress in alignment with the corporate strategy.

SON Systems' Scorecard|Xpress Solution is designed as a rapid introduction to a Balanced Scorecard initiative, a first step on the Corporate Performance Management path. Starting with a five day workshop, your team will be immersed in the proven process of developing a first-pass, proof-of-concept Scorecard based on the proven platform of one of our strategic technology partners.

One of our expert consultants will work with your team to develop a strategy map, and identify required scorecards, measures, processes and projects that are important to your business's performance.  An initial prototype application will be developed based on the iterative approach of our CORE Methodology.  At the conclusion of the initial five days, your first-pass Scorecard will be working in a test environment.

You will also receive a comprehensive Go-Forward Plan.  Depending on the scope of the assessment, this will contain detailed recommendations with preferred approaches for getting maximum value from your architecture configuration and enterprise security model.  We will also include next-step suggestions and provide an impact analysis identifying risks.

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